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TR&L Communications Home Page - delivering data, networking, telephony, security & surveillance, audio/visual, inventory tracking, access control and other essential services to St. Louis and St. Charles County businesses, healthcare, educational and other organizations

About Us - learn about how technology can work for you from St. Peters-based TR&L Communications serving greater St. Louis

  • Overview - brief company overview of one of the metro area's leading data and security solutions providers
  • Leadership Team - company officers and lead designers, company certifications for major network, computer and telecom brands

Systems - TR&L Communications designs, installs, implements and supports networking, data, telephony, A/V, teleconferencing, electronic tracking and security systems for St. Charles County and St. Louis area businesses and organizations

  • Access Control - innovative, electronic access control systems for government, business, institutions, healthcare and educational facilities and parking lots
  • Audio/Visual - A/V equipment (projectors, TVs, flat screens, panels, etc.) and installation solutions for teleconferencing, media rooms, boardrooms, educational facilities, houses of worship, network operations centers, healthcare centers and municipal or county departments and agencies
    • Flat Panel Displays - leading top brands for use in your facilities - sales and/or installations; plasma, LCDs, LEDs, DLPs and 3D TVs/panels (Sharp, LG and Panasonic)
    • Screens - large screens for business and media usage including leading brands such as Dukane, Da-Lite and Draper
    • Projectors - sales and installation of leading A/V projection units from Dukane, BenQ and InFocus
    • Conference/Boardroom Solutions - design, sales and installation of integrated teleconferencing solutions including conference phones, video conferencing screens and equipment, fully immersive telepresence solutions, touch panels/screens, projection screens and projection systems
  • Building Automation Systems - computerized, intelligent building networking solutions (BAS) for security, lighitng, climate control and system monitoring
  • Cabling Solutions - design, implementation and installation of state-of-the-art network cabling infrastructure systems for business, healthcare facilities, government, educational and institutional buildings using coaxial wiring and various fiber optics categories (single and multi-mode fiber optics), and network data cabling, wiring and Ethernet solutions
  • Central Monitoring - centralized and remote monitoring of safety and security systems for buildings through St. Charles County and St. Louis; 24/7 monitoring solutions
  • Education - design and implementation of computer, network and A/V equipment for classrooms
    • Training Room Solutions - complete A/V equipment and trainging to meet today's challing classroom environments (brands include Atlas Sound, D-Lite, Dukane, Extron, Polycom and VFI)
  • Fire Alarm - fire alarm and detection systems for every type of commercial, industrial, healthcare, government/institutional, or educational applications including design, implementation, monitoring (brands include Silent Knight, Fire-Lite Alarms, Honeywell and Vista)
  • Healthcare - advanced systems and solutions for healthcare environments including Nurse Call, Patient Wandering, Infant Abduction, VoIP, Intercom, Wireless Telephones, that can be integrated into site system databases (brands include Aiphone, Cornell, Engineered Electronics and TekTone)
  • Information Technology Services - design and implement data networks in St. Charles and St. Louis including local-area (LAN) and wide-area networks (WAN) using dedicated cabling, switching, Ethernet and other hardware for a complete intranet for single or multiply locations
  • Request a Quote - request a quote on equipment for your business or organization in St. Charles County or the St. Louis area
  • Security & CCTV - complex security systems solutions for commercial, industrial, government, and institutional locations customized to your specific requirements including access control, burglar alarms, CCTV, central monitoring, DVR systems, ID badging and even metal detectors
  • Telephony - cost-effective, feature-rich integrated communications and telephone systems (standard, PBX, etc.) for voice/data/IP Solutions on various communications platforms (brands include Avaya, Nortel and Polycom)

Services - designers, project managers and certified technicians for operations in St. Louis or St. Charles keep your systems running at peak performance 24/7; certified design team for upgrades and system implementation projects large and small

  • Audio/Visual - 7/24/365 service support company for A/V equipment, telepresence and teleconferencing for boardrooms, classrooms, schools, and training/media rooms, etc.
  • Education - service for A/V equipment, security systems, intercom/paging, fire alarms, CATV, wireless clocks, CCTV systems and computer networks and business phone systems
  • Fire Alarm - design, installation and central monitoring a fire alarm system specific for your facility; design/build, inspection, testing, monitoring and maintenance
  • Healthcare - upgrades, system design, implementation, testing, maintenance and monitoring of healthcare technology systems including Nurse Call, fire alarm systems, telephone systems, security systems, video surveillance/CCTV, voice and data networking for healthcare companies in the greater St. Louis area
  • Information Technology - managed IT services in St. Charles and St. Louis including server management, operating systems (OS), software maintenance, data cabling/network setups, security, provisioning, configurations, change management, backups, disaster recovery, end user Help Desk and other IT services
  • Request Service - request services for your business, healthcare, educational, governmental or institutional organization from St. Louis area IT solutions provider TR&L Communications
  • Security - system design, implementation, equipment and central monitoring services; burglar alarms, security systems, access control, CCTV/video surveillance, smoke alarms, metal detectors, RFID tracking systems and other security solutions for business and organizations in St. Louis and St. Charles County, Missouri
  • Telephone/VTC - as a leading Midwest voice and data solutions provider, we have the experience to analyze, design, implement and maintain your telephone and video teleconferencing systems; service and maintenance options available

RFID Solutions - electronic tracking solutions with extended range or multi-tag capability for equipment, inventories, products, fleet vehicles and more with RFID in St. Louis

  • Airport Security - RFID airport security tracking solutions for cargo and access control or restrictions for personnel and passengers/public
  • Car Inventory Tracking - automobile, truck and car RFID tracking for fleet vehicles, auto dealer inventories and for parking lot or restricted access control
  • Container/Pallet Tracking - RFID container and pallet tracking for large shipments; keep tracking of shipments or inventories as they move through warehousing
  • Fleet Tracking - RFID fleet tracking for semis, trucks, vans and other business vehicles and equipment; also access control to vehicle lots
  • Hands-Free Access Control - RFID hands-free access control solutions that are ideal for secure areas of buildings and facilities; ideal for healthcare facilities, nursing homes or environments where personnel will be carrying equipment into/out of secure rooms
  • Hospital Resource Tracking - RFID hospital resource tracking solutions for healthcare facilities, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the St. Louis area - keep track of all of your valuable medical equipment
  • Inventory Control - RFID inventory control solutions with single or multi-tag RFID capacity; update databases as items move through warehousing or internal usage at your facility
  • Manufacturing Line - RFID manufacturing line tracking solutions are an ideal way to track assembly progress; sub-assembly tasks and warehousing/inventory control
  • Parking Lot Access Control - RFID solutions for parking lot access, data administration, fee charges, trigger video surveillance/CCTV or for hands-free access for vehicles

Projects - low voltage installs and service project cases highlighing our technology solutions for St. Louis and St. Charles area government facilities, hospitals, municipal buildings, small offices and businesses

News & Links - TR&L Communications News and Links section; company news and equipment supplier/technology resource links

  • Company News - TR&L Communications company news including partnership with Extron for educational technology implementation
  • Organization Links - vendor organization links for our technology solutions for phone systems, voice and data solutions, security and saftey equipment and other avaialble products to meet the technology needs of St. Louis businesses

Schedule a Demonstraton - contact TR&L Communications to schedule a demonstration of equipment that your St. Louis or St. Charles area organization or company is considering purchasing

Contact Us - contact TR&L Communications in St. Peters for innovative, business technology solutions, equipment and design and installation services; call us at 636-240-1200 or 1-866-374-6637

Resource Pages - articles on IT and support services, and innovative technology solutions, for St. Louis and St. Charles businesses and organizations

Privacey Statement - privacy statement and company policies regarding the use of information collected and/or used on the TR&L Communications website

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